Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hotel Conference Rooms Take Inspiration from Hampshire Butterfly Reserve

An invitation to the people of Hampshire to provide names for conference rooms at the county's newest hotel has come up trumps with the names being inspired from a local butterfly reserve.

It means that six of the new generation Holiday Inn's conference rooms on Telegraph Way, Winchester will be named after butterflies, three of which are iconic species and three being ones that can regularly be seen at Butterfly Conservation's Magdalen Hill Down nature reserve.

The idea developed following a series of conversations between the management team at the hotel and Reserve Officer, Lynn Fomison, about how the hotel could help create awareness of the neighbouring nature reserve and the work done there.

The six conference rooms will now be named Monarch, Emperor, Swallowtail, Peacock, Admiral, and Chalkhill.

Majestic species provided the names for the larger rooms including Monarch which is famous worldwide and Purple Emperor which is regarded as being the king of the treetops in Hampshire woodlands.

Swallowtail holds the promise that more butterflies may migrate to southern counties from the continent and the latter species are just three of the 30 plus butterflies that can be seen on the Magdalen Hill Down reserve.

Linda Williams, sales manager at the hotel said:

"From day one we've been keen to involve the local community and highlight the importance of conservation in the area. We had a variety of suggestions including rivers in Hampshire, historical references and medieval links and I'd like to thank all those who sent in their suggestions.

"The butterfly idea really fitted what were we looking for and each room will now include a picture of each butterfly, details on the species and information on the reserve so when delegates visit the hotel they will be able to read and learn bit more about the work that goes on there."

Lynn added:

"We are so glad that Linda and her team wish to raise awareness of the importance of butterflies. The choice of a theme incorporating butterflies by Holiday Inn is a dream come true. It's just so appropriate.

"Our 110 acre nature reserve is just a few minutes walk away from the Holiday Inn and is ideal for visitors seeking a flower-rich, butterfly-rich landscape with great views of Winchester."

The 141-bed hotel is due to open in February 2010. If you would like more information on the Holiday Inn Winchester please visit www.hiwinchester.co.uk



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